Im going to Six Flags tomorrow(:! This will be my second time there. I absolutely love it! Batman has always been my fave. He is my superhero while 1D are my supermen! Omg. What if there was a 1D amusement park? With a ton of stuff and rides with the boys faces and 1D logo slapped in them. Omg. Im dying. I would go to the park, fangirl, go on rides, die, take pics with everything that has the boys faces on it, cry happy tear, and meet my family. *_* i can picture it now. The next step of the British Invasion/1D Total Takeover. #1D3DThisIsUs #1D3D #TMH #TMHTOUR #1DWorld #SixFlagsMagicMountain #Narry #HarryStyles #NiallHoran

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